Saturday, August 19, 2017


At this point I just want to get to day 100 only 10 days behind! Worth keeping on counting for that reason alone. Yesterday was a legitimate zero, had alarm set for 5:15 and hardly slept. Got up and out early this morning, just 30+ easy (4:1 - not sure if it's that I'm moving slower due to heat and humidity or whether the heat and humidity actually prevent calf and back fromm locking up so much, but I prefer that to 2:1 here) and met up with Brent at Cafe del Sol. It is good! Maybe yoga later if I get my act together - belongings currently strewn all over as I dug run stuff out of bag last night (if you don't put it out the night before, it doesn't happen), gotta do something about that first...

c. 35:00 easy as 4:1

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