Wednesday, August 23, 2017

77/68 and hot yoga

Brent's beneficent influence on me continues, I was up and out early enough to be done with my longer midweek run by 7, the hour when the sun has come up enough that running outside no longer seems sensible or safe! 75 minutes, first hour as 4:1, then switched for last bit to 2:1 (numb hamstring, discomfort around old spinal erector injury - hip felt ABSOLUTELY FINE I am happy to say and so did lower back). Dropped one set of sweat-drenched exercise garb in the wash, showered and donned set #2, did a couple hours of decent work at Cafe del Sol then went to 10:30 hot yoga. Hahaha, today it was just REGULARLY too hot rather than devastatingly so, I was glad I was there, though I was pretty much in a puddle when I was done - I had asked Brent to come and pick me up again, though I think I would have been OK to walk home after some interim hydration!...

75 minutes jog-walk (4:1, 2:1)
1hr hot yoga

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