Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday swim

Very nice - we dallied for fifteen minutes of chat at the beginning, to hear a fuller report on Saturday's Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (here is Swimming World's coverage, courtesy of Wendy). Two TNYA swimmers were in the race, both women; only one of the two finished, as a number of swimmers were pulled from the course. It is truly an extraordinary endeavour - a 28.5-mile swim, a full counterclockwise circumnavigation of the island of Manhattan!

On a more mundane note:

Warmup: 200 free, 100 IM kick, 200 free, 100 IM drill, 200 free, 100 IM swim

2 x 100 free, drill-swim by 50 (finger-drag, catch-up)

6 x 50 free on 1:20, first four build by quarters, #5 easy, #6 all out

2 x 100 as 50 fly drill, 25 fly, 25 free

50 easy back

M. says to bring fins and use 'em for fly drill, it is a good idea; he also points out that I should be swimming further up in our lane, which is true, only it drives me crazy to have people on my feet all the time, so I have taken to swimming at the back! Our lane is a bit crowded recently, that's the truth...

1650 yards total


Wendy said...

Duane would tell you that if people are at your feet you just have to swim faster ...

ShirleyPerly said...

I too would rather be in back than front when swimming in a lane with others. Then again, Duane does seem to have a good point.