Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday bike

At first I felt it was a ride of partial failure, but as I rode on I realized that really any bike ride I go on and actually enjoy should be counted a considerable success! I rode down to 96th St. and then up the west side path all the way to the bridge (you would think it is just a straight run up, but in fact I made several wrong turns and had to retrace!). It was quite rainy, and I contemplated the steep path up to the bridge and the horror of the bridge itself with my heart in my mouth - I decided that actually I could not face a hilly rainy ride in New Jersey, let alone a slippery bridge crossing, and rode south again instead of going over the bridge. The rain happened to let up then for about five minutes - it was only drizzling, and I thought, "Oh, dear, really that was just rationalization, I should have gone over the bridge to New Jersey!" But shortly thereafter it was pouring again, not quite torrential but closer than not - it is good practice for me to ride in the rain, but better for now to have a flat rainy ride in reach of subway in case of disaster! I rode down to Chambers St. and then home again - last few miles very nice, as it had mostly stopped raining but was still almost deserted, which is very unusual for what is mostly a very crowded shared-use path.

I have to ride over the bridge ASAP and through the Palisades park by myself, or else it will assume monumental proportions; I won't have time tomorrow, but I think I can do it on Thursday morning, weather permitting. Novel-revising is more important, but I have to wrestle this bike thing into submission!

c. 20 miles


ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, certainly a success!! I received some rainy day riding tips from a cycling newsletter recently. There were a couple things I did not know. I will share them on my blog as summer is rainy season for many.

Wendy said...

Yes! Enjoyment = Great Success!