Monday, June 15, 2009


Race results from yesterday still aren't posted - I will do some pondering once they are up (I am prepared to find out that I was one of the slowest finishers - really I have no idea!). But in the meantime I thought I would just post a picture of the contents of what was truly by far the best goody bag I have ever received after a race - it is true, the registration fees are high, but this is above and beyond!

(The most charming inclusion is a key chain with a miniature fin/flipper on it! And the most immediately useful is a one-wash load envelope of Sport-Wash which I am about to use on the disgusting pile of wet gear on the bathroom floor...)

Bonus link (PDF alert): an 1878 piece from the NYT archive on a girls' swimming school in Central Park shows that "one need neither be old, strong, or masculine to be an expert swimmer."


Brent Buckner said...


As you had thought, slingbag included.

Wendy said...

And a chamois!

Spokane Al said...

Wow - they really gave away some cool stuff.

Congratulations on terrific time and finish of your swim. The swag was well earned.

P.S. Was Kramer there?

Danielle in Iowa said...

I have always thought it was "schwag" of "shwag" not "swag." Am I delusional?