Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday swim

Very groggy this morning - could not wake up properly, and in fact even now post-swim and post-coffee I still feel very bleary-eyed! Just had an easy swim this morning - partly mental fog, partly pleasantly sore muscles from yesterday afternoon's workout. At a guess, something like this:

200 free, 100 breast, 200 free, 150 back (50 swim, 50 kick, 50 swim), 100 back misc. drill (wave hand in air when arm is vertical, to keep extension and slow down stroke!)

2 x (100 catch-up, 100 free)

M. offered me his tempo trainer metronome device, and I did some stroke count work: 100 on 1.40, 100 on 1.35, 100 on 1.30, 100 on 1.25, 100 on 1.20, trying to hold stroke count and concentrate on power in stroke. My natural stroke count is pretty high (20-21), I would like to take off a stroke or two but I do not think it is realistic to think of getting down to a very low count - but I am going to do some "splash" drills next week to concentrate on getting more power at the back end of my stroke, I think that is a place where there is lots of room for easy and substantive improvement...

1650 yards total

I gotta bike, but I am sleepy and it is rainy! It might be a west side path one again today, I will see how it looks. As long as I get out today for some kind of ride, I am thinking I will take tomorrow off, then swim and run on Saturday, bike on Sunday. I am very happy to be back in a good exercise routine, it is soothing to me...


Wendy said...

Tempo trainer!

(Improving push-offs also = lower stroke counts.)

Hua said...

Hi Jenny,

I'm happy for you that you are back in a routine.

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