Wednesday, June 24, 2009


earlier pm: 20 mins. sea swim (lots of waves - got out after it started to seem like I wasn't going anywhere!)

pm: 6 very warm pavement miles (almost gave up at the 40 min. mark, but a short walk break and some water gave me a second wind)

Not a bad workout day, in the end, though it did not seem very promising for a while back there!


Spokane Al said...

I don't know about the six minutes per week stuff but am a firm believer in a portion of intensity each week. Intensity makes us stronger, faster and helps the extra pounds come off as well.

When we just noodle along, we become great noodlers and should not expect different results when we race.

Danielle in Iowa said...

20 minutes of sea swimming in waves has got to count as a half an hour in the pool, at least :-)