Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday swim

Lost a lot of time at the beginning of the hour due to chat! However, it was warranted rather than unwarranted chat, concerning the course for Sunday's race, and I guess the truth of the matter is that I believe swim frequency is more valuable to me than counting minutes in the water per se - I will be swimming 4-5 times/week this summer, for the most part, so I can afford to lose the ten minutes for sociability!

Along these lines:

Warmup: 400 with every 4th length stroke (alternating back and breast)

8 x 25 dolphin kick with fins, really concentrating on abs and on feeling the movement of the hips (noticeable improvement by last couple lengths)

2 x 25 dolphin kick with fins mostly underwater

4 x 25 alternating right arm, left arm fly drill with fins

2 x 75 right arm, left arm, full stroke fly with fins

2 x 75 right arm, left arm, full stroke fly with NO fins

50 easy free

5 x 50 fly down, free back on 1:20

50 back

50 breast

1450 yards total


Wendy said...

Sociability is important!

You will have very fine abs if you keep that up!

Jayson said...

Thanks for posting your swim workouts. They are actually readable! No acronyms or weird names, just what you are doing. It's been a great help in what I do for training.

ShirleyPerly said...

Sounds like worthwhile chatting to me. Good luck on your Sunday race!

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