Thursday, June 11, 2009


D. just called to cancel our appointment, I am disappointed! I won't see him Tuesday, either, as L. has kindly invited me to join her again for boot camp class at Chelsea Piers (she gets a free guest now and again!). I was going to write down exactly what we did today so that I could remember and reproduce - happily he tells me that there is a near approximation on Youtube which will slightly give you the flavor of our workouts!

(Only ours are in the basement of the slightly dingy and poorly ventilated CU gym!)

(NB re: differences between video and my actuality: we were not doing the initial one-leg jump up onto the step, we haven't used the stretchy cord [can't remember proper name for those!] and we also didn't do the hands-straight body-raising thing at the end, though I will certainly try it. And we had some other little things that are not represented there but which I will endeavor to recall below.)

The version we did goes like this, more or less, and it should be I could do it a few times on my own over the next few weeks (2 x 10 of each, or 3 x 10 if I have the patience, and then self-exile from Caymanian central air-conditioning and just do a very small number of sprints in my Vibram five-fingers shoes on the beach at Brent's!):

Start with active isolated stretching: inner thigh, glutes, calves and hamstrings, a bit of straight-leg jumping to activate fast-twitch muscles in calves.


"yoga swing" (he does them with one leg in the video, but I did it with two legs staying on ground - rest on fists by hips, then swing body from initial straight-leg "dip" position up into a bridge)
"superman" (with legs and arms joining in middle)
side plank (on elbow or straight arm, with other arm in air), raising and lowering hips
start facing down and resting on hands and feet, then raise left arm and right leg, then alternate (variant of M.'s "quadruped", only on feet instead of knees!)
plank into downward dog with leg raise
lie on back with feet in air, "touch toes"
ditto, but arms and legs on floor, then swinging up left arm and right leg, then vice versa
double side leg raise (i.e. legs together)
one-legged squat

I think that's about it - it is a nice little rotation, and I also have M.'s core strength routine if I want to mix it up. Not sure if I am going to make it over there this evening for a workout on my own - I exercised a lot yesterday, today might be better thought of as a recovery day, and there is a lot of work I would like to do!

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