Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday swim practice

Hmmmm, some frustrations there - partly I am a slow swimmer, too slow a swimmer (I train at steady paces rather than doing sprint efforts with rest, when I'm swimming on my own, and also I just might be slower anyway!), but also there was wild neglect of clock and lane etiquette! At one point the three of us who really care about such things were staring at each other, bemused, at the end of the lane - I could not stop laughing, I was shouting "CHAOS AND DISARRAY!" and shaking my head! It was out of control!


Warmup (truncated): 200 swim, 200 IM drill

First set (I cannot make these intervals - I would need to start on 2:05 to do a good job with it, or might just about manage it starting on 2:00): 12 x 100, descending by 3s: 1:55, 1:50, 1:45, 1:40 (I skipped a 50 of #9 to try and get a breath and was swimming on 1:50 again for the last three) - 1150 total

Second set, on 15 seconds rest or 4:00: 200 IM, 200 back-breast by 50 (this was where things fell apart - I only did 50 back, it was impossible to figure out how to arrange anything sensibly!), 200 reverse IM - 450 total

4 x 50 choice (I did back, free, fly, back)

2200 yards total

Two TNYA teammates are swimming the 28.5-mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim today as solo swimmers, and I believe there is a TNYA relay team also - it is exciting to contemplate! I am thinking that the full marathon swim is only for considerably faster swimmers than I will ever be (ditto the Channel, though can you imagine, would that not be the most wonderful thing?!?), but I wonder whether I might one day be the slow and steady member of a relay team...


Wendy said...

You've hit on a key issue for a lot of people in your first paragraph with the point about training at steady paces.

While steady paces are ideal for base building or increasing distance, they will not make one a faster swimmer. Swimming faster requires interval training for speed. Of course, that will not solve the lane etiquette issues!*

So my suggestion would be when you swim, you might replace some of your steady pace swimming with faster paced bits, ideally in the middle of your swim. But you could do it with that 4 x 50 set at the end of today's practice by swimming it quarter build. (Build speed each 1/4 of the distance ... so 12.5 yards relaxed, 12.5 harder, 12.5 harder, 12.5 FAST.)

Quarter build is nice because you get active recovery as well as a bit of rest at the end of the repeat.

* I had one of those this morning, too. And I was MAD.

Rainmaker said...

I think you nailed the problem with masters swimming (or that with many lane partners), it's so hard to get in a solid workout.

As for 28 miles? Seriously? Without a boat? That's just crazy-talk.