Wednesday, June 3, 2009


First session with trainer D. exceeded even my already high expectations - this is going to be very good! Some interesting stretching, a bunch of core stuff that bears a family resemblance to trainer M.'s core routine but with much more of an emphasis on things for runners, some sprints and work on arm positioning - I am suddenly convinced that I am going to be able to run fast (or at least fastish) this fall, it is very good...

Ran about 3 miles beforehand on the indoor track, as I otherwise won't have time to run till Friday. Just got back from a very good talk at the CU medical campus - my absolute hero Oliver Sacks, on visual hallucinations - it has been a good day, only slightly short on ACTUAL WORK!

(I did write a couple paragraphs, and do a bit of pondering, but that is it - the next couple days have a bunch of stuff involving HUMAN CONTACT that will cut into work time, so I will have to try and keep my cool about this in the meantime...)

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Wendy said...

Glad the session with the trainer was helpful. And ... SACKS!