Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Short Wednesday run

A swim-bike-run day, that is good...

Nice meet-up with Triathlete L. for a run in the park - my hip flexors (not the same ones that were sore yesterday, some other ones) were so sore from yesterday's workout that I was doubtful that I even could run, only strangely and miraculously as soon as I actually started running, my legs felt great! (Different muscles!)

We were notionally pondering 6 or 5, depending on how we felt, but lack of foresight meant that we ran into first the harbingers and then the full hordes of the Chase Corporate Challenge - we beat a hasty retreat onto the bridle path, which meant running round the north end of the reservoir since we were cut off by opposing throngs from the road that goes all the way to the north end of the park. I optimistically suggested 4.2 miles, but L. more honestly appraised it at 4 - last mile slightly brisker, I was ready to be done!

Amazingly my legs still feel much better - looser, suppler, no sore hip flexors - than they did before I ran!

Some good consultation afterwards, too, on bicycle-related issues - I am pondering matters of bicycling complexity involving the possible acquisition of a second bike for Caymanian use, only it is so complex that the ramifications are busting my brain! L. nicely clarified several points, so I think I am making progress...

4 miles of varying speed