Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday swim lesson/gym

Very good chunk of morning exercise time (only I feel rather guilty about having diverted so many resources to triathlon training as opposed to book-finishing!). Another excellent lesson with JB at 7:30 - about 45 minutes of solid work on the fly, with noticeable and significant improvements, and then some preliminary breaststroke stuff. Picked his brains afterwards about some stuff to do while sea-swimming in August - practice sighting; do some stroke-counting to keep my mind on things (50 strokes, 3 strokes breast, 75 strokes free, 3 strokes breast, 100 etc.).

We ran over the hour, so I only just had time to change into regular workout clothes and meet P. at 9. A good workout - on a Friday morning, the usually thronged and testosterone-heavy weight room is near-empty...

c. 1200 yards swim

50 minutes strength

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Danielle in Iowa said...

Well you can't write all day long. At least, that is what I tell myself :-)