Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Excellent run

My morning did not go quite as planned - set the alarm for 6:30, with goal of working on novel for 2 hours before meeting C. at 10 for a run - but in reality I didn't fall asleep till 1:30, so when it went off at 6:30, I reset it for 7:30 and then snoozed it until 9:15, at which point I realized that I was actually going to be late if I did not turn off the wretched clock and get up RIGHT THEN! The sad realities of Davidsonian life... in this case, the extra sleep was definitely beneficial, but it would have been even better if I had just been more realistic and reset the clock late last night for 9am!

Anyway, I had a great run with C., marred only by the fact that I gave insufficiently good directions to our notional third running partner and he was waiting elsewhere - but we are going to make another stab at it next week, so that is all right.

8 miles total

Warmup: 21:33 (avg HR 141, max 161)
Tempo effort with C.: 42:33 (avg HR 160, max 171)
Cooldown: 11:26 (avg HR 154, max 162 - it is hilly coming back home up 110th St.!)

I have busted the evil microphone setup that gets data from the Polar, and have not yet figured out how to get the information directly from the watch, thus no notation of distances - but this is good enough, I think...

Rather muggy outside, damp and in the 70s - I am ready for full-on brisk/chilly fall weather, though not perhaps till AFTER Saturday's swim...

Gotta rush and get on with my day now!

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Dances with Corgis said...

I think the snooze factor depends on how long your snooze goes for- if it's 15 minute increments, you can actually sleep a bit while hitting snooze for two hours. If it's five minute increments, then ... not so much.