Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday swim practice

First TNYA practice for me in many a month, and very nice it was too to see familiar faces, and feel welcomed back!

Hmmmm, let me see, what did we do?

Curtailed warmup: 150 free, 150 IM no back (flags only at one end, and I wasn't sure how much time I'd have to do the whole warmup anyway - these were both in theory 200s), 50 free, 50 back

4 x 75 free as kick, finger-drag, swim (last person touches, first person goes)

4 x 75 kick-drill-swim (IM order, last person touches)

6 x 100 free descending: first two on 1:50, next two on 1:45, fifth on 1:40, one minute rest and sixth all out (I note that though I cannot make the 1:40, I was quite solid on the first four - I was surprised... - I need to get my top speeds a bit faster, I should be able to swim a 100 in 1:35 if I am rested and swimming all out, whereas actually I do not seem to get down below about 1:44 - but I am swimming the same time on #5 and #6, which speaks better to my endurance than to my speed skills!)

4 x 100 IM descending: now, these intervals I really cannot make, though there is no shame in that! Descending first three in theory 2:00, 1:55, 1:45, then a minute rest and the last one all out with goal of meeting or beating last time. On the final one I felt a calf cramp coming on as I turned from fly to back, so I flipped over onto my stomach and took it home in easy freestyle instead, so that was only 350 rather than 400. I cannot now remember my fastest time, but really it is more like 1:48 than anything faster...

It was an enjoyable swim, in any case, and afterwards we had dinner as a mournful farewell for lanemate J., who is going back to Singapore to become the principal of the school he attended as a Young Person!

1950 yards total

(It is my sudden insight that I will not sign up for that morning lane swim this fall, the M-Thurs. 8:30-9:30am one - it's not unreasonably priced, about $130 for 12 weeks that spare me the evilly crowded evening lane swim - but now that the Tuesday-Thursday evening workouts are back, I should just do those instead - I can swim 3 TNYA workouts each week at Columbia when schedule permits, or 2 workouts and 1-2 shorter later evening lane swims when it is not so evilly crowded - and honestly, though I would swim 5 times a week by preference, and though I like swimming in the morning and running in the evening [biking happens most conveniently at midday!], the imperatives of triathlon training are such that I should probably limit swims to 3/week at least until my October half-ironman is over, and probably until after my late November marathon. I do now understand how and why cycling is in many respects better - or, well, not BETTER so much as more directly applicable - cross-training for running than swimming is - and in any case biking is where I most need to build strength for FUTURE IRONMAN PLANS...)

(I am slightly having a week where mental insanity is making me crazy!)


ShirleyPerly said...

My first week back from a long trip is often the same way. Welcome home!

(and I too often forget things in Hawaii and end up buying two of things ...)

Wendy said...

But then you have one there and one at home, and don't have to pack them, right Shirley?? (There's always an up side!)

Are you still thinking IM Moo, Jenny? Syracuse is also appealing, but the timing may not be as good.