Monday, September 21, 2009

"It's a long road to ride"

Spinervals 13.0: Tough Love (3 hrs)

My legs were very glad I waited until today, but it is psychologically difficult staying on the bike while fending off fits of anxiety about the vast lists of things that must be done today/this week/etc.!

Now I have to use serious common sense for the next two weeks.

The Lighthouse swim is on Saturday the 26th, and the Bassman half-iron is on Sunday the 4th. My only race after that is the marathon on Nov. 28.

I am undertrained on the bike for the half, but it will be better to do less training and NOT get sick than to overdo it and crash my immune system.

Top priorities for the coming week (all of equal importance, so I cannot honestly downplay any one of the three):

Complete final novel revision for Monday, Sept. 28

Acquit myself honorably of my teaching and advising responsibilities, including a spate of letters of recommendation that must be written this week

Welcome Wendy to New York on Wednesday for the best-ever whirlwind NY sojourn! Including a long-awaited Breakfast Near Tiffany's - I have made a reservation here, I don't know that it will be the best food in the world but I wanted something really New Yorky and over-the-top!

As far as exercise goes, I will go to TNYA practice on Tuesday and Thursday (when Wendy will come with me as my guest!). I will run 8 miles tomorrow morning. I would like to do a 12-mile run on Friday later afternoon, and some shorter bike stuff as it can be fit in; but I think that's it for me for workouts for the rest of the week, given the imperative nature of the novel deadline (I am sure I could get a few days of wiggle room/extension, but the nature of my teaching week is that if I don't finish something for Monday it is hard to pick it back up again till Wednesday night, which doesn't do me much good).

I will endeavor to stay calm, because stress is the thing that really does in the immune system!

I will not fret about missed workouts!


Spokane Al said...

Those of us out in the hinterlands will be hoping for pictures of the upcoming big city meet up!

Brent Buckner said...

Not fretting will be good!

ShirleyPerly said...

How fun to meet up with Wendy! Looking forward to hearing of your adventures. No stressing allowed :-)

Wendy said...

Not getting sick is also ideal. Particularly when combined with not fretting.

Breakfast Near Tiffany's! TNYA! Little Red Lighthouse!