Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday run

8 miles only, but I enjoyed 'em - I snoozed my alarm for a million minutes and did not have time to do a longer one. But actually I think an 80-90 minute run will be on the regular Tuesday schedule this semester, so it might be good that I have "saved" my long one for the weekend!

HR seemed rather high - my sleep has been truly disastrous over the last week, also I haven't been running on hills - I forgot how hard it is to keep HR down on the park loop, and how slow one has to run to do so! Avg HR 154, max HR 167.

Dismayed at how little I've biked since I've been home. In retrospect I should have put my bike in the trainer, but I am reluctant to do so because I know that once it's in, I won't take it back out! Almost the first thing I did last week was find a refurbished spin bike like the one Brent has and order it online - it shipped on Thursday, so it should be here soon. I really like doing Spinervals inside, it is more relaxing to me than going for a real bike ride, so once that comes I should be able to do 2/week inside (especially longer ones) and 2/week outside...

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Wendy said...

You ordered a stationary bike? And I'm just finding out now? ;-)

You will be doing innies and outies.