Monday, September 7, 2009

Glorious midday swim

I do not usually swim during the 12-2 weekday lane swim slot, partly because it's rarely convenient and partly because it's usually intolerably crowded - but I figured that the holiday would mitigate crowding, and it was true. Four in the lane, but nobody was wayward, so it was fine.


I was basking in the glow of the knowledge that Friday's flip turn lesson has helped me TURN THE CORNER. One of the drills JB had me to involved turning with a pair of kickboards, one under each hand, so as to really get the feel of what happens when you press down with your hands on the water - I think I did not understand this at all before. Other stuff is better now too, but this is the thing that has made a huge difference to my sense of control.

Anyway, I did a longish freestyle ladder as warmup so as to really practice flip turns - much room for improvement still, of course, but it is amazing how much better they feel on the whole than they did a week ago.


2 x (3 x 100) (1) right-arm fly, left-arm fly, 3-3-3, fly swim (2) breast (3) back-free by 25 (flags only up at one end, and enough people in the lane that one is better off keeping an eye out)

1600 yards total

I am in a funny state of mind, gearing up for school starting tomorrow and my first lecture on Wednesday. As of next week I will be more in the teaching groove, but the first meeting of a new lecture class is more like a high-priority race or the first night of a play - gotta gear up for it! I now have the editorial notes on my novel, and the final revision is due on Monday the 28th (I am hoping to finish it before that weekend, though); but I cannot concentrate on that till I have written and delivered Wednesday's lecture!

I am going to do a long run later and ride tomorrow morning...


Dances with Corgis said...

Wow, you actually made me ache to get to the pool.

Also, "glorious" is such a great word. (Used most effectively, of course, in "glorious, glorious mud!")

Wendy said...


The kickboard drill is also useful in getting folks to flip STRAIGHT.

ShirleyPerly said...

Glad those flips getting easier for you. Interesting about using the kickboards. I hope to get back to working on them during the off season. A swim team coach offered to teach me a couple months ago but I was too busy to meet with her.