Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday run

Very good run just now! Beautiful weather - crisp and clear and sunny, in the low 60s...

(I completely failed to get up early and work on my novel first, though! But it must be said that the extra sleep, although it was irksomely punctuated by alarm-beeping and the fumble for the snooze button, was well worth while - I am sorry not to get a chunk of work done before my real work day begins - day of meetings! - but it was almost certainly for the best...)

Ran over and met up with C. and new running companion J. at 86th St. and Central Park West. We ran together round the park and back up to 110th St., then I took my own slow pace home! It will be great if J. keeps running with us - he's a nice fast runner with a beautiful easy natural gait, just starting to work up to longer distances.

Bits (will only provide distance/pace data for the middle segment, but it is around 8 miles total):

20:49 (avg HR 148, max HR 173)
41:30 (4.6 miles; avg HR 165, max HR 190; avg pace 8:58, max pace 7:38 [downhill!])
9:40 (avg HR 149, max HR 163)

8 miles

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Glad it was a good run.