Thursday, September 17, 2009


(My mental cue for that neutral neck position and straight streamline is something vaguely out of a horror movie - like imagine you are strapped to a gurney - Frankenstein, Apollo 13 - that can be spun on all three spatial axes, but you just stay completely flat and only spin around your central axis rather than with any bending!)

(After the lesson I asked JB whether he'd consider being my coach for next year's triathlon season, and he said yes! He is going to ponder what sort of terms would suit him, and I will do the same; I expect we will meet in December for a pre-season consult of some kind, and that I'll write him an e-mail every week and check in with him 5-6 times in person over the season. I can write my own training plans, with the help of various books I have around the place and consultation with folks including JB - I more like need someone to feel meta-accountable to, plus someone with authority who will tell me when I need to take a few days off!)


Wendy said...

Good news! (I should have read this before commenting on your previous post ...)

ShirleyPerly said...

Wonderful news about the coaching! I love having accountability and someone who knows better telling me to stop beating myself up silly ;-)