Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The wrong blog!

I accidentally posted this one to my OTHER blog!

Herewith, in the appropriate place, the report on my run this afternoon:

4 miles only - I turned around at the Boat Basin instead of going all the way to 59th St. for 6.

It is one of those days when even running cannot stop me from feeling GRUMPY and FRAZZLED!

I will make another stab at it tomorrow morning, just do 6 or 8 very easy and then a longer one on Saturday morning.

(Nothing major, all just minor annoyances - like when I finally surfaced out of grumpy sleep, it was to realize that the beeping was not my alarm but rather the expiration of the battery in the carbon monoxide monitor - and just now I did a preliminary tearing-apart of the apartment trying to find my heart-rate monitor, only I think I have left it in Cayman - if I did, I will get a new one - but it is expensive enough to replace that I have to ABSOLUTELY TEAR THIS PLACE APART first to make sure it is not here somewhere!)


[ED. Brent's comment on the Light Reading version: "Clearly frazzled - this ought to be a Triaspirational post! Your heart rate monitor transmitter is indeed here on GCM." Ah, good, no tearing-to-pieces in my immediate future....]

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Brent Buckner said...

Requires the update that HRM transmitter known to be on GCM.