Saturday, September 19, 2009

Short Saturday swim

I went down to Chelsea Piers to sign my membership paperwork - I thought I would just take a look round - but the sight of the swimming pool made me realize I would be crazy not to get in a short swim while I was there! I had brought my swim things, thinking that such an eventuality might come to pass, so I had a quick dip, more or less as follows:

100 free
50 breast
100 free
50 back
100 free
100 fly drill/stroke
150 free
50 back

700 yards total

That was enough - I am running a nutritional deficit from my run earlier, and I biked both ways, too!


Seriously, to be able to walk into a beautiful glass-covered room, with sun streaming through the windows and a spectacular view of the Hudson, and swim in a LANE OF MY OWN....

As part of my membership package, I get 2 free personal training sessions and two "specialty" training sessions, one of the options for which includes swimming (the others are boxing, Pilates or climbing - I have honestly always sort of wanted to take up boxing, but I think it will have to wait!), so I am thinking that in October I will be able to eke out a bit more swim coaching without shelling out more dollars.

I am not going to log bike miles getting to the gym and back (I guess it is about 4.5 miles each way) - I am more thinking of it as a very helpful complement to training, especially given that it is clear that I will be logging many of my bike training miles indoors! Seriously, it will be very good; I am already getting used to riding on Riverside Drive, which given my bicycle-related state of nerves is very good progress...


Wendy said...

Sounds like a lovely place to swim! The pool is 25 yards?

Riding on Riverside Drive!

ShirleyPerly said...

Lane of your own, how wonderful!

I used to teach cardio kickboxing (no contact with people, just shadow boxing or heavy bag work) and have always thought it was one of the best gym workouts there is, even w/o the kicking.