Saturday, September 19, 2009

"I thought of it while riding my bicycle"

Is melancholy incompatible with bicycling?

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Danielle in Iowa said...

It's true! Except for when you are running late for somewhere and you have to pedal furiously. Then you are just stressed.

Jenny! Let me tell you this! There is a girl in my running group who just finished her dissertation about six months ago (and who just did (most of) IM Louisville - she got seasick on the swim and spent the whole race throwing up, so she only made it to mile 10 on the run). Anyway! she was getting all this fluid build up in her knee from sitting and writing all the time. So her husband built her a frame that goes around her bike trainer so that she could spin lightly while writing. It has places for her laptop, her books, her coffee even! I just think this is the best idea ever!