Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Short spinervals session

I am ashamed of how little I've biked in the last few weeks, but I am also babying my immune system (the quantity and intensity of illness in college classrooms at this time of year is fairly alarming!) and trying to keep my legs fresh for Sunday's race...

33 mins, 7 x 90 seconds hard, 90 seconds easy + 3 mins. increasing intensity each minute (avg HR 131, max HR 157)

Huge deadline Friday, going to be pretty tight meeting it - I would like to run and swim tomorrow, but I will have to play it by ear. If I'm in good shape workwise at 5pm and not completely knackered, I could run c. 4 miles and then go to TNYA practice at 6, that would be ideal; but that then kinda knocks me out for the rest of the evening of work, so I will have to wait and see.

Lauren and I have been having some frantic emailing about our race arrangements - we had thought (partly just because I am so swamped with work, and didn't want to lose Saturday work time - also the accommodations mentioned on the race site seemed fairly useless, it was either a fancy-schmancy colonial inn of high price or a no-website roadside motel) of driving down on the morning of the race, since there was same-day packet pickup until 7:45am, but then they moved it back to 7am and started sending alarming notices about off-site parking lots and shuttles. So we are sensibly going down the night before, Lauren having used internet research genius to find us an incredibly affordable hotel (free wireless!) - and I had not at all realized that the whole thing was taking place so close to Atlantic City, so I am thinking some boardwalk-visiting, cheap casino dinner and an ice-cream or so will be in order for the evening before!

We will leave New York around 3pm Saturday afternoon, packet pick-up runs till 6 so that should be OK (they say it's a 90-minute drive, but somehow I suspect that is a best-case scenario)...


Wendy said...

Free wireless + free coffee!!!

No shame. We have real lives, too.

ShirleyPerly said...

Good luck on your race this weekend. Sounds like it's going to be more fun now than before!

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