Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BEAST week 1 #2

That was great. I was full of trepidation at riding down to Chelsea Piers in what is essentially still the dark, but it wasn't so rainy this morning as it was last night, it was getting light as I left my apartment and really it is nice riding at that early hour: I do avoid riding in the dark more generally, especially in the evenings, but I don't think there was a single car on the mile of Riverside Drive that I ride to get to the west side path, and the path itself was delightfully empty - much quicker ride down than usual for sure. As days get shorter, though, it will be darker - I think I need to get a higher-powered light for the front of my bike (I just have white and red blinky ones) and one of those hideous but safe fluorescent cycling jackets.

There's no 6am class this cycle, just the 7am, but Gerald wants us to get there early enough to run a mile to warm up and do 6 pullups (modified, in my case...) and 6 leg raises on the high bar, so I think I need to leave at 6 to get there and be ready to start my warmup at 6:45. Ride itself is shorter than that, but it always takes longer than I think to get downstairs in the elevator, etc. and to lock up my bike and put things in locker at the other end.

10 miles bike
1hr boot camp

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Black Knight said...

10 miles in the dark, you are my hero!