Friday, September 16, 2011

BEAST week 2 class 2

A modified version of the same circuit we did on Wednesday, only spread out much more lavishly on one of the basketball courts rather than crammed into the studio; with lots of running in between. I had to bow out of the last 200 and 800, as some inner thigh muscles are painfully sore - not sure if that is the consequence of Sunday's triathlon, too much whip kick or Wednesday's Beast, but it seemed clear that caution was advised. I think we will continue to do circuits with increasingly long run intervals over the next few weeks, so it may be that I should focus on swimming and biking for workouts.

(Beautiful bike ride down and home: the temperature yesterday afternoon dropped about 25 degrees in two hours, and this morning it is a beautiful crisp fall morning, the first of this year.)

10 miles bike
1:10 boot camp (much running)

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Black Knight said...

Late congrats for your tri. You are well trained and in good shape if you had energy again at the end.
Glad you can enjoy the fall morning. Here it is summer again: sunny and hot.
I hope that one day you can race in Italy.