Monday, September 5, 2011


Liz came over and we had a beautiful holiday run together north along the Hudson, then breakfast sitting outside on Broadway. Checking the weather right now, it's 79 degrees with 73% humidity, and it is certainly slightly unpleasantly muggy and warm for running (thus slow paces and high effort levels), but I have the taste in my mouth now of how great it's going to be running in NYC this fall as the weather gets cooler. Liz and I are going to try to run together at least once a week, it's good to have the company and a fixed point on the schedule...

50:11/4.61mi. (10:53/mi. avg pace, avg HR 150, max HR 163)

zone 1: 3:47; zone 2: 10:26; zone 3: 20:15; zone 4: 12:09

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Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

We are finally getting summer here! I'm not ready for fall! High of 82 today - I'm not sure we'll survive!