Friday, September 2, 2011

Exercise bliss!

Happily reacquainting myself with some favorite parts of my NYC life. I was a bit late getting out of the house: first I had the long sleep I desperately needed and only got up at 10:30, then I had to kind of dig the apartment to bits finding the things I needed for transport and workout (this included unearthing superior tri shorts from the gear bag that got sent to Idaho, tearing apart huge duffel bag I brought back from Cayman to find my combination lock, tearing apart my whole apartment looking for the floor pump I tucked away tidily so that subletters wouldn't be bothered, etc. etc.).

There is a very good Friday midday sequence of classes, all taught by the same guy: abs from noon to 12:30, then segue into an hour called "Max Out" (body sculpt with heavier weights than usual), then a 45-minute spin class. I missed the first 15 mins. of the abs class, but did everything else. It is just such a beautiful space there, and with such an excellent class schedule - the only thing was that I had a terrible pang of missing Triathlete L., who has moved to Atlanta for a very good job & who will accordingly no longer be my trusty CP companion!...

1.25hr strength, .75hr spin, 10 miles bike

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Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

I'm pretty sure that by the time spinning came around, I'd just want to go and eat lunch :-)