Saturday, September 3, 2011


Still feeling ridiculously happy about being back at Chelsea Piers. Rode my bike down (PACKS of runners out for marathon training), did the first class of the next BEAST cycle (it doesn't meet again till Wednesday because of the holiday on Monday), went to Joanna's spin class. This is my absolute favorite - it is a real cyclist's class, she announces at the start that the work for the day will be three thirteen-minute climbs and gives slightly different instructions for each one (proportion and timing of seated and standing work, gear, etc.). It was very good - I would be able to get more time in zones 3 and 4 if I hadn't done the Beast workout first, but that is the way it goes...

10 miles biking
53min spin

(avg HR 140, max HR 156; zone 1, 1:26; zone 2, 34:14; zone 3, 10:20; zone 4, 5:29)

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