Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hmmm, I need to start swimming a lot more, I am swimming very slowly these days - it seems like a long time since I really was mentally focused on swimming and interested in questions of form and technique. In particular what falls off when I don't swim regularly isn't so much the straight speed while swimming as the turns! Ugh...

Anyway I swam on my own in half of the slow lane, as doing even a couple of 75s in lane 2 made it clear that I would be getting no rest and struggling to keep up - it was actually a pretty nice swim, I enjoyed it. I need to figure out what my fall exercise schedule is going to be.

Warmup (truncated - I was 5 mins late getting there): 100 free, 50 fly-back

6 x 75 IM no free, 10 seconds rest

I did main set on 5-10 seconds rest rather than using intervals. I think it was this:

1 x 100 free
2 x 125 IM (#1 50 fly, #2 50 back)
3 x 150 (odds free, even IM no free)
2 x 125 IM (#1 50 breast, #2 50 free)
1 x 100 free

2 x 50 kick down, easy free back (dolphin, flutter)

1850 yards total

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