Friday, September 9, 2011

Race simulation!

I skipped the Beast class this morning - I didn't get home till midnight from play and late dinner, couldn't get to sleep till 2 - got up when alarm went off at 5:45 feeling rather dreadful and pretty sure that it would be better to get some more sleep. Ran around like crazy all morning for work stuff, then rode my bike down to Chelsea Piers in the early afternoon (it's hot here!). Geared up in clothes and stuff I am planning to use Sunday, did one hour spin plus 1 mile run plus some experimentation with how to tether the dry bag to myself without making myself crazy: my conclusion is that I should wear a race belt and tether it to the belt, it's not really suited to being held on securely at the ankle...

10 miles round-trip bike
1hr spin (avg HR 129, max HR 150)
1mi run (11:30, avg HR 142, max HR 160)
250 yards swim (experimental)

If I were really 'racing' on Sunday as opposed to simply participating, this would have been rather a lot of exercise, but Sunday is going to be conducted in the spirit of a long and unusually enjoyable training day, and today's workout was a good confidence-builder.

Spent the end of the day at the Verizon store as my smartphone is busted: it is still under warranty, they will send me a new one, but in the meantime I am back on Primitive Technology! Basically I just feel absurdly fatigued now, am going to get up very early and sort out all race stuff in the morning! I need to be on a 1:45 train from Grand Central to Beacon, that gives me plenty of time to do things in the am (including getting last bits and pieces of teaching stuff organized for Monday: I will have a virtuous smug feeling as I leave town on the train on Saturday afternoon with syllabi finalized and first classes prepared, it is a highly uncharacteristic level of non-last-minuteness that was necessitated by the fact that I probably won't be home on Sunday night till eight or nine, and I can only guess that I will be absolutely and utterly knackered at that point...

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Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

I can't believe you even set your alarm for 545! I refuse to set my alarm for anything less than 6 hours of sleep, unless it is something like a flight. But never for an exercise class!