Saturday, July 21, 2012

Authentic BRS day

It is actually my birthday today, but I'm trying to get my novel revision finished for Monday, so I'm avoiding human contact (once the hermit-like habits get entrenched, it takes a certain amount of attention to dispel them, attention I cannot currently spare!).  Got up brutally early, took a taxi down to Chelsea Piers and got in a good 1.5+hr writing session before 10am spin.  Double spin - today's 11am substitute instructor was pretty hopeless! - then ran 2 miles (should have been 3, but my back was a bit sore) and swam 1000 yards.  Authentic bike-run-swim day!

I have the following 3 Saturdays to play around with this structure - I don't think I'll build the spin longer than 2 hours, but would like to have the run-swim session be 2 hours also (either as 1hr run, 1hr swim or ideally as 40-40-40 run-swim-run, which then closely replicates the actual structure of the race itself).  Intend to do a couple three-hour bike rides in Prospect Park, and will continue to include a short swim after whatever else I'm doing at Chelsea Piers when my schedule permits - the goal in this sort of race at my back-of-pack speed is just to swim enough that the swims take very little out of me and I can save energy for the running.

2hr spin
:48 run/swim

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