Thursday, July 5, 2012

Spin of grumpiness

Was in an irrationally bad mood all afternoon, only partly relieved by exercise as I forgot to recharge my iPod nano.  It died just as I was about to start my work intervals, so I stopped the clock and rooted around trying to find something I could stand to watch; because I am an idiot, I couldn't get a DVD to run, and after a few minutes of television deemed that more annoying and boring than just having nothing!  Had to have a second warmup after that...

10min warmup #1
10min warmup #2

2 x (2:00 Z3, 1:00 rest, 3:00 Z3, 1:00 rest, 4:00 Z3, 4:00 rest)

8min alternating 1:00 standing, seated (Z2)

2min cooldown

1hr spin

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