Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Very good midday workout.  I kept it fairly short, as I was writing like crazy in the morning and had a sport massage scheduled for 2pm (it was uncomfortable but extremely beneficial).

40min spin

2 x 12min Z3/4 (2:00 'tempo' [medium gear, cadence 95], 5 x 2:00 heavy gear alternating standing, seated), 3min recovery

1000 yard swim

5 x 100 odds free evens drill (RaLaCuBa, courtesy of Doug Stern - right arm, left arm, catch-up, freestyle back to the start; straight catch-up); 5 x 100 as 25 stroke 75 free, alternating breast and back

Have now picked up bicycle from the shop, where I left it on Monday; I haven't ridden it for weeks anyway, but the last time I rode it down to Chelsea Piers, I clipped the back tire in the elevator on the way downstairs (another woman with a stroller was already in the freight elevator, and I didn't want to crowd her but ended up misjudging my space), and I was pretty sure the wheel was out of true.  Glad to have that fixed - it is the only context in which "trued" is grammatically correct, surely...

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