Monday, July 23, 2012


I missed spin class on Friday because I didn't get up super-early and had serious work to do, so to avoid the same thing happening again today, I made myself get up at 6 - it paid off in that I was able to email out my book manuscript around 11:15 and ride my bike down to Chelsea Piers at a leisurely pace for class.  I think I was rather fatigued, at any rate I found it hard to get HR as high as it usually would be on the same work levels, but it was a good class regardless (3 x 10min "climbing"), and then I had a nice swim also.

50min spin (3 x 10min work interval)
1200 yards swim (10 x 100 with evens free, odds drill, 100 flutter kick with board, 100 back)
10 miles bike

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