Friday, July 20, 2012

'Long' run

It is a near-miracle that the weather has so dramatically changed - it was raining pretty heavily when I headed out mid-afternoon (after marathon novel-revision session that basically ended when I truly could go no further), but the rain tailed off by about twenty minutes in, and it was in the low sixties!  Amazing.

I don't know whether it was residual fatigue from a week of bad/not enough sleep and demanding work, sore back or just regular human laziness, but I couldn't persuade myself to step up the pace and get myself over the border into zone 2, so I'm not sure about the total training benefits, but it was good-quality time on feet anyway, and quite enjoyable.  This is the run I should have done yesterday, but I was so tired and so busy with miscellaneous errands on top of work stuff that it wasn't feasible to try for it.

I will have to get up very early if I want to go to double spin tomorrow morning, as I need to have done at least 2 hours of work on the novel revision beforehand...

1:10, c. 6 miles

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