Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Physically overwhelming day, probably partly due to heat stress.  Novel comments came back to me end of day yesterday but I simply didn't have wherewithal to work on it today.  Alarm's set for 7am tomorrow.

Had an early-morning doctor's appointment to pick up referral for midday physical therapy for lingering back injury.  Am hoping it will be helpful - I'll see the guy twice a week for the next couple weeks, then I'm out of town.  Today was mostly diagnostics, which is always interesting, and some pummeling in the form of soft-tissue massage.  It seemed subtle as it was happening but I was seriously beaten up afterwards!  That plus heat caused me to call off notional run workout; I cooled down in the cafe at Chelsea Piers and had a short swim that was quite useful in terms of loosening my back.  Evening meditation class, so I have only just gotten home, and still feel significantly overheated - A/C on subway cars just doesn't stand up to prolonged heat like this...

1000 yards (5 x 200, odds free, evens IM with one-arm fly)

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