Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fantastic endurance workout!

I finally got some sleep and I'm now in a ridiculously good mood.  (Still not quite done with the novel, some hours of tweaking and one bit that's still not right, but I pretty much just had to take a day off or my brain was going to explode.  Another longstanding project of mine that's been in stasis is now having some movement again, too, so that's also a hugely good thing for my morale.)

I had intended to do double spin as I usually do, but my usual 10am spin teacher was off, and the substitute was such that at 11am I realized I had already exceeded my tolerance for blaring music and yelling and that I should switch plans.  I think for today it worked better this way - I like the two-hour spin because it's a quite close approximation of what the ride in my September race will be like (30 very hilly miles, probably about 2:20 for me), but in terms of getting quality run time, perhaps it would have been slightly overreaching to have two full additional hours of run-swim-run (Chelsea Piers has a quarter-mile track, that's what I use for a workout like this). 

Running a very steady comfortable 11:00 pace in zone 2.  Very slight back soreness certainly but nothing that would cause me to question whether it was a good idea to continue the workout, so I think this is an improvement compared to last week.

1hr spin
1hr run
1000 yards swim (c. .5hr): 5 x (2 x 100) as free, IM fly drill, then 25 stroke/75 free (2 of each stroke in IM order)
.5hr run (2.75 miles - endurance athletes will see that I was fatigued enough that I couldn't persuade myself to do one more quarter-mile on the track to get it up to the full 3!)

3hr total exercise time

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