Sunday, July 8, 2012

Long spin!

That was good.  High-quality indoor bike workouts are something that should be easy for me to execute if I have decent bike base but that I can't make myself do at all when I'm not bike-fit - glad I've been able to make good use of the spin bike on this Cayman trip.  I think I will be doing a lot of mostly indoor bike volume over the next 2 months between now and the Shawangunks race - I haven't been running enough, but it's too risky to suddenly ramp up run miles, whereas bike volume and frequency can be increased with much less chance of injury or illness (illness is always more the thing for me - that's partly why indoors is sensible, too, as there's so much less pollution/allergen to hit the lungs  - and doesn't shoot me full of anxiety like riding in the world does - will try for at least one outdoor ride per week beyond commute to Chelsea Piers, but won't sweat it).

2hr spin

6 x 20min:

(1) warmup
(2) 6 x 2min Z2, 1min easy
(3) 5 x 3min Z2, 1min easy
(4-6) 12min as 6 x 2min standing, 2min seated (Z2-4), 3min easy, 3min high-cadence Z2, 2min easy

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