Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Run of bliss!

1. Couldn't get up this morning.

2. Insofar as it isn't just rationalization to distinguish between the two, it was the not-getting-up of genuinely not enough sleep rather than the not-getting-up of laziness! (Was rereading the dissertation for today's defense until after 11, then read a novel for a while to wind down; turned out lights around one, but couldn't fall asleep for a long time.)

3. Knew I had a contained enough day of responsibilities that I would be able to run later, and just resigned myself to it. (This doesn't work if I either have a super-demanding day or if it's winter and it will be cold and dark by the time I get around to it.)

4. (At B.'s, I am able to request tipping - he asks the night before I need to be tipped in the morning, and I tell him if and when I do and under what circumstances the order can be rescinded!)

5. The defense went fine except for a massive technology fail despite all my anxious preparations; we lost about fifteen minutes in the middle as we had to switch from Skype (computer crashed) to conference-call-plus-cellphone-on-speaker (couldn't get both absentee examiners onto a single conference call despite presence of tech support!). I had a couple student meetings as well and it was effectively a very nice "first day of school," though I don't actually teach for two more weeks - this may have been partly why I had a hard time falling asleep.

6. Came home and lay down at 3 for what I thought would be just a very brief nap, woke up after 6....

7. It's still 80F but it's MUCH less humid.

8. Wanted to go a little longer than the 30 minutes on the schedule, but didn't want to make things hard.

9. Decided to do 40 as 4:1, with 2 segments for warmup and six as 3:30 jog, :30 hard, 1:00 walking recovery.

10. It was the most enjoyable run I've had for ages! Shady and a bit of breeze, low humidity - RUN OF BLISS!

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