Thursday, August 27, 2015


Lovely run colored after the fact by the horrible realization that what I thought was an interview supposed to take place at 1pm at Bowling Green was actually scheduled for 11am, AND I HAD ALREADY MISSED IT. Horrible panicky spell on the phone on hold, but I have a new appointment a week from tomorrow (this is for the Global Entry travel card). It is not as convenient, there were no more Manhattan appointments till October and I really want to get this done, but I can do it at Newark airport (more convenient by public transport than JFK), and the nice man I finally talked to was extremely pleasant and did not seem nearly as horrified as I was by the turn of events (in fact, I think if I'd been downstairs, they probably would have taken me, but it's an hour away by subway so it wasn't as though I could just suddenly come up).

ANYWAY, now that's off my chest....

I executed plan more as it was supposed to be, though still with excessive alarm snoozing (which in retrospect was a DISASTER rather than just brain-secretly-knows-when-it-can-stay-in-bed-until!). Did have brief email check, but on iPad uncomfortably on living-room couch rather than on real computer, which limits browsing time usefully.

Lower humidity is having an extremely beneficial effect on my running morale. Just did :24 as 3:1. Very nice indeed.

I think I'd better do 20 minutes of meditation now to try and calm down! Oh, or eat something, that will probably have a calming effect - really it's lunchtime and I haven't eaten yet....

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