Saturday, August 22, 2015


I am happy to report that I did not forget HOW to run, after long hiatus - in fact fitness doesn't seem much diminished (it wasn't that great to begin with, though, so this is only faint praise!). It is a shockingly beautiful evening: still quite warm (80-ish), but low humidity, and I ran as dusk was falling along the river. Lovely!

Turned around a little early and didn't have vim to make up extra minutes at the end, so I'm a few minutes short, but it's a good start back up at things. Coach David and I have a PLAN coalescing that is going to be good for mental and physical health - this evening run notwithstanding, I think a very short daily morning run is the secret to happiness....

(Lower back very tight, not painful exactly but I stopped to stretch it a few times and wished it weren't feeling like that - will see what I can do to stretch it out.)

:55 very easy

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