Saturday, November 3, 2018

Hot yoga!

Finally made it to the 1hr Bikram class they offer in a couple slots during the week, it's not usually convenient but I hope I can get to this one again. An hour of heat is less unreasonable for me than 90 minutes! I enjoyed it - interesting to see how they do it quite differently than the 1hr version at Bliss in Cayman. (Basically only one repetition of each pose here, whereas at Bliss they have edited it in a more complex way, keeping double sets of some of the poses but making the length shorter for many of them - they tweak it periodically in an attempt to perfect - I think really the 1hr hot hatha, in the hands of my favorite teachers as they do it here, is even better, it is a more liberal reimagining of the Bikram sequence.) ANYWAY that gives me 4 x yoga this week (I don't think I'll go tomorrow), plus five runs (including tomorrow's) - I think that's pretty good.

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