Saturday, November 24, 2018

Saturday and summary

75 as 1:1, extremely nice.

Had an amazing (and painful!) deep-tissue massage yesterday - it relieved the R shoulder-blade pains I've been having immensely, and I slept on my left side to try and let it settle down some more. Best night of sleep I've had in ages, only woke up once to pee (usually when I am turning back and forth to find a comfortable situation, it wakes me up just enough to realize I do need to pee, so it might be four or five times in the night). Think I must try having a month or maybe even two where I don't sleep on my right side at all - I also am not supposed to sleep on my stomach, it's complicated since I can't fall asleep on my back!

Summing up the week (running from Sunday through Saturday as I leave on Saturday a week from today)

5 run (check)
3 session with Errol (check)
3 yoga (one short, but the massage sort of substituted and I won't do yoga today because the whole shoulder-blade area got such a pummeling yesterday that it feels like I got pounded with a meat tenderizer - letting it settle will be more valuable than an extra yoga, and I will go tomorrow and Monday, so really that's fine)

SPA WEEK #1 under my belt!

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