Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Mon.: non-run day, did PT after I got up and Delphine's wonderful "yoga therapie: dos" class in the evening. Gotta get to that one whenever I can - the Monday is particularly good because it's an hour and a half, plenty of time for meditation and a long savasana at the end! (Thursday only has an hour.)

Tues.: 40 as 1:1 (slight down week), plus PT at home. At the office now (it's about 1:15) and will go to 5pm hot hatha 90 en route home. I am on a very late schedule, but I have to admit that though it makes me feel guilty, it is perfectly compatible with the external and other elements of my schedule: in fact I have three Institute evening commitments in the next week (7pm talk tomorrow followed by socializing, 8pm Saturday dinner, 7:30 for 8:15 Monday night fancy dinner), and given that I don't really like or need to spend more than about three hours (max four) each day at the office, getting in around 1 is kind of perfect.

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