Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another day without exercise

is making me very grumpy - technically I would have just about had time for a run before dinner, but though the weather is in fact very beautiful here, we were pretty much terminally overheated all day in a small classroom with closed windows and no A/C - and now I have frivolled half an hour away on the internet, I really do not have time to run and recover a non-sweaty level of propriety for fancy 8pm dinner (which I am guessing will be extremely delicious and will involve levels of wine consumption that will make a run tomorrow morning seem equally implausible - jet lag and meal timing issues are COMPLETELY THROWING ME OFF, I really wanted to run this morning too but I was just too out of it and underfueled to get myself out of the hotel rather than just downstairs to breakfast and coffee).

On a brighter note, I just read a rather good article that made me laugh - I will now quote Alan Couzens and say that I am fundamentally more Charger than Acura, and that fancy dinners notwithstanding, once I get home, the rest of July is going to be devoted very single-mindedly to novel-revising and triathlon training with only the most necessary other nods to family-and-friendly obligations which inevitably seem to get entangled with irresistible unhealthy eating!


Since I have ruled out a run, I am instead going to go to the bookstore and spend my free no-longer-quite-an-hour and a lot of British pounds on DELIGHTFUL NOVELS...


Wendy said...

Hmmm. It also looks like they have delicious desserts!

Rainmaker said...

Cool article, thanks for the link and sharing!