Monday, July 6, 2009

Post-swim time-wasting!

Hmmm, off to a bleary start today - I should be out already on my bike, but fatally stopped for a bit of time online...

A vision of beauty has unfolded to me re: schedule for next couple weeks! Factors: priority of novel-revising, triathlon training; great time-wasting threat is internet, great schedule-busting threat is insomnia.


CLING to jet-lag-induced early-morning rising for as long as possible!

Mon.-Thurs. schedule: get up at 6:30, dress in bike clothes (no shower, small breakfast); 7:00-8:20, work on novel revisions at local cafe (large cafe au lait); 8:30-9:30 lane swim; go home, eat quickly and get out again on bike ASAP i.e. by 9:50.

Key: Don't fire up the computer until late morning, having had one work session and two workouts already! Aim for solid second shift of mid-afternoon novel-revising and one more workout in early evening. Dinner by 7, bed by 10:30.

Long bike (Palisades) Friday afternoon. Long run as schedule permits. Trainer sessions in theory on Tues-Thurs. afternoons; Mon., Wed., Sat. or Sun. as the three run days. Rest days as suitable.

I have the NYC triathlon in less than three weeks - no time for a real taper. Have to go to Philadelphia this weekend, too. So this is really the schedule for the next 5 weeks or so, if I can keep the early AM component (will reshuffle if I must, but I like the swim-bike weekday morning bit with the proviso that it is more justifiable if I have done some work first).

I had a notion of what I would swim this morning, only in fact M. was watching and intervened with useful suggestions fairly early, so I swerved - it is striking that whenever I have a week or so without much swimming, my left arm reverts to the straight-arm style I learned as a kid, which is very ineffective in terms of catch and pull and necessitates drill work.

My three goals for the summer, swim-wise (but swimming is my lowest priority as far as triathlon goes - there is HUGE room for improvement, of course, but it is the least pressing thing right now): improve freestyle technique, endurance and speed for triathlon purposes; learn a solid and usable flip turn; improve my fly. Haven't been able to work on the second, though in some respects it's the most important, but that's my priority for this month. Had a lane to myself this morning, the swim session empties out as summer progresses.

Warmup: 200 free (FLIP TURNS), 100 breast, 200 free (ft)

4 x 100 drill-swim by 25 (finger-drag, thumbs/zipper, catch-up, fists)

100 "downhill swim" mental cue

Can't remember now exactly how the rest played out, but call it (with misc. bits of somersaulting/turn practicing betwixt and between):

200 free (ft)

2 x 100 free (ft)

100 back (for a mental break!)

2 x 100 free (ft)

200 free (ft)

1900 yards total

Now - gotta get out on that bike!


Wendy said...

Sounds like a good plan!

The only way to get better at flip turns is to do them. While this can be intimidating for people learning the technique, it really is the only way! Keeping at it will pay off.

Brent Buckner said...

A cunning plan.