Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday gym

Good session with P. - various core stuff, squats and lunges, etc. It is only a fifty-minute appointment, it passes by too quickly! That said, I did not seem to have the vim to swim afterward, in spite of my belief (formed in the days of music-learning, not on any athletic basis) that 4 sessions of practice between lessons is more valuable than three!

I will have to see how the next couple days go in terms of work before I know whether I can fit in an extra session of fly practicing. I am running at an evilly early hour tomorrow am with H. (I have to have at least one workout with her before she does Ironman Louisville, I am very eager to hear all about her training and plans and so forth, and our schedules have just not clicked this summer at all - she has kids and an office job and tends to spend weekends on Fire Island, I have no kids and no office job and am accordingly not an early riser - however I have bitten the bullet and will meet her in front of her building tomorrow at 6:30am for 6 miles in Central Park); I am swimming some kind of workout with lanemate Joe at 11 on Thursday, but I get as much say as I like in what it is; I am meeting Triathlete L. at 1 or 1:15 on Thursday on the NJ side of the bridge for a long ride to Piedmont/Nyack.

I can do some fly and drill stuff mixed in with whatever I'm doing with Joe, but I should try and have at least one other swim - maybe early afternoon tomorrow, if I get enough done in the am? Hmmm, I had thought maybe a bike ride - it is the problem with triathlon training, there always is something pressing to be done!

Swimming lesson at 7:30 Friday morning, then another trainer appointment at 9 - gotta figure out what I can have as digestible nutrition in the gap between! Maybe just Gatorade and run a few miles on the indoor track if I have the time, make it a solid endurance workout...

(And I'm going to join Triathlete L. for her long run on Saturday afternoon, though I will probably truncate it at 8 or 10 rather than doing the whole 12 - I've been running very little and don't want to injure myself, though I am also eager to get back up to a two-hour run sooner rather than later...)

(I AM MENTALLY HYPERACTIVE THIS WEEK! The book is in good train towards being done for Monday, and I am actually hoping it might really sorted out by Saturday afternoon - I am sure it would be done already if the Worm Triathlon had not tunneled so many holes through my gray matter!)

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Wendy said...

Blackie might be surprised to have you padding around so early in the morning!