Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Short Tuesday run

I thought I was meeting the trainer at 5:30, but we crossed wires - I guess I should have called to confirm! So I ran a couple miles on the indoor track instead - 3 total, but as 1 + 2 with a break in the middle while I waited to see if he would be there!

It is fine, I have been feeling worried about how few run miles I've gotten in over the last couple weeks - it is pretty much my strongest of the three triathlon disciplines, so it honestly makes sense to skimp on it for the sake of consolidating swim technique and improving basic cycling skills and fitness, but of course it pains me to feel that I am not working on it!

I will run longer tomorrow and do similar swim-bike midday workouts on Thursday and Friday, plus a Thursday-evening meet-up with the trainer (have just now telephoned to confirm). "Aquathlon" first thing Saturday morning - 1.5K swim, 5K run - so I will treat that as a speed workout as far as the run goes and pretty certainly won't run on Friday.

Been thinking quite a bit about the triathlon next weekend - I hope I am not setting myself up for disappointment, but I think that even with the last couple weeks of training DISASTER (disaster is an overstatement, I guess, but it certainly felt that way at the time!), I should be able to go a lot faster than last year. (Especially if this weather holds - though the odds are that the usual July heat and humidity will have kicked in by then.)

In any case, I am strongly hoping to take a good chunk off my time, though I will take it philosophically if it does not happen (post-mortem to follow in either scenario!).

3 miles

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Wendy said...

Nice to get a little run in at least!