Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday swim

An excellent swim - I was feeling pretty awful all morning, though I did get quite a bit of work done, now I no longer feel quite so much as though my eyes should be closed rather than open!

2 x 100 free (flip turns!)

3 x 100 drill-swim by 25 (catch-up, fists, finger-drag - flip turns!)

4 x 25 dolphin kick on sides (alternating right, left)

4 x 25 one-arm fly (alt. sides)

4 x 50 3-3-3 on 1:30

4 x 50 fly down, free back on 1:30

2 x 50 fly

1 x 200 IM

50 easy back

I don't keep much of an eye on times, as I feel there is much technique work to be done first, but M. had an eye on the clock for the 200. It was good - first half is pretty strong, 1:57, then the breast is fatally slow (1:07 - I guess I gotta work on that, I have no gears on that stroke, it is by far my weakest!) and I caught back up on the free to finish under 4:00.

Tomorrow's lesson with JB should be mostly fly again and then a bit of consultation about ideas for open-water swim workouts I can do in Cayman, but I have the $$$ for 3 more lessons with him after I'm back (he's busy in September with team stuff, so I'm not sure how easily we'll fit them in), and I guess I think I should be working on that breaststroke to see if I can get it stronger. There is always room for improvement on EVERYTHING, but my long-axis strokes are fairly solid - I know how to work on backstroke on my own, ditto freestyle...

1450 yards total

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Wendy said...

I do like to see those flip turns in there! (And more fly than I did today!)